Any text handled by inÉDIT professionals will remain true to your document's original substance and style. The plus? The inÉDIT touch will deliver engaging and straightforward prose to your readers.

Our approach blends intelligence, intuition and knowledge of how language is used, drawn from our work experience in Canada and internationally. Decades of work with documents from countries on every continent have taught us that clarity is paramount. The right terminology is key to delivering clear messages.

Whatever your editorial or translation needs, we will:


inÉDIT takes your existing document, or parts of it, and creates a new one based on material and research that you supply. If you need more research or additional writing, inÉDIT can do the job.

Substantive / structural editing**

inÉDIT reorganizes your document's structure and/or makes the content more readable. We may suggest changes or you may wish to add some of your own after consulting with us.

Stylistic or copy editing**

inÉDIT reviews and adjusts your text to clarify meaning, decode any jargon and use accessible language that reaches your readers. While using words that make sense to your audience, we will remain true to your message and voice. inÉDIT will focus on changes that affect style or point-of-view, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and check for consistency of facts and vocabulary.


After the final editing and before the final draft that you want to publish or submit, inÉDIT carefully reads (and re-reads) a document to eliminate any errors in spelling, typing, punctuation, syntax or grammar. We will also flag inconsistencies in formatting.


inÉDIT's translations respect the original voice. We will make sure that your message comes through in clear, idiomatic language and that your document reads as if it were originally written in that language. inÉDIT works as a team: all our translations are checked by at least one other person.

Revising translations

Some translations are awkward or inaccurate and need a second look. Revising translations involves checking translated text for accuracy of grammar, spelling, punctuation and other stylistic details, in addition to verifying translated text for use of accepted terminology and consistency of vocabulary. inÉDIT will provide a document that reads as if it were originally written in that language.

** These definitions were inspired by those used by the Editors' Association of Canada.